Ham, salami, pecorino di Pienza, our pickles.

Fresh pasta: pici, tagliatelle, ravioli. Pappa al pomodoro, panzanella.

The meats: roasts, stews, steaks, skewers, sausages, legs of lamb or pork, porchetta.

Vegetables and vegetables, salads, soups, soups, vegetable and vegetable donuts.

Desserts: panna cotta, tart, cantucci, trifle.

​These are some of the examples of what we offer on our menus.

We are surrounded by vineyards and cellars that produce excellent wine. When we talk about Nobile di Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino, Orcia we speak of excellence.


In addition to the great reds of the area, white wines are also increasingly prized, delights that we offer our guests to make their experience unique, managing to satisfy even the most demanding palates.


The restaurant's cellar is designed to highlight our dishes and to help make the meal experience something memorable.


The raw materials used are exclusively local and seasonal.

At the Podere restaurant we offer good taste cuisine to enhance the products of the territory and we carry out the recipes of the local tradition sparingly, to keep and pass on the secrets and crucial preparation steps.


James, who is the owner of the old farm with his sister Ines, goes to the market early in the morning and to the shops located within a few kilometers from home, to stock up on the products offered by the season.


For vegetarians and vegans, the restaurant offers modern recipes able to satisfy even the most demanding lovers of antispecism.